Self-installing foundations optimized for production and logistics

Seatower delivers innovative foundations for offshore wind.Our foundations are designed to be installed by buoyancy and low-cost towing vessels, eliminating the need for expensive and weather sensitive installation vessels. The foundations are optimized for the entire logistics of offshore wind construction – from efficient production to easy decommissioning. In particular, the Cranefree® foundations avoid the expensive and weather-sensitive crane, dredging and piling vessels that do installation today, and of which that are too few to meet the expected needs.

The Cranefree technology and methods have been verified in detail and certified by DNV, and are protected by numerous international patents. Seatower is a Norwegian company founded by an experienced team with a track record of technical and commercial success from design and installation of oil platforms and oil related infrastructure offshore, where many elements of the Cranefree Gravity have been applied for more than 30 years.

Seatower’s European partner is MT Hojgaard A/S. Read more about our cooperation here.