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What To Try After Cymbalta - Magnesium building materials

The first Seatower Cranefree Gravity® foundation for offshore wind has been successfully installed in the British Channel approximately 15 km off the French coast at the Fécamp offshore site at 30 meters water depth.

Fast and efficiently, the foundation was towed out to its desired position by two tugs and then deployed by letting seawater flow into the hollow foundation. The foundation was thereby fixed to the seabed by its own ballasted weight.

Seatowers commercial cost effective design is perfect for larger turbines as it is not very sensitive to heavy loads.

Installation can happen also during winter time and in harsh offshore conditions, which is one of several advantages that reduces the total cost of an installed foundation compared to the commonly used steel structures.

Seatower Cranefree Gravity® are quicker to install and less risky, as the installation involves fewer personnel in the offshore operations.