Seatower Cranefree Gravity foundations are new and innovative offshore foundations. Our foundation design represent a rethinking of the entire value chain, from lean manufacturing methods to safe and cost efficient installation.

Seatower Cranefree Gravity foundations are self-floating before installation on the seabed. Only towing vessels are required for their transportation and installation.

Our foundations have been designed for mass manufacturing methods using only standard, low-cost materials including regular concrete and steel.

Installation operations are robust, reducing risk and cost of weather delays allowing for faster deployment speeding up the installation of the offshore wind farm.

Seatower Cranefree Gravity is environmentally friendly. No noise from pile hammering or drilling through the installation process. Positive impact on seabed habitat during the lifespan of the foundation. And a decommissioning solution leaving no steel or concrete at the seabed.

More about the advantages of the concept: